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2022-04-18 Response to Rachel Berry of Gannett

Despite my belief that the story, “’A dangerous precedent.’ In Northern Kentucky, the Republican party is at war with itself” is factually incorrect (Did you know that 60+% of the American people now believe the Elections are illegitimate. Robin Vos is Assembly Leader for the State of Wisconsin.  He says the Wisconsin election of November 2022 saw ‘Widespread Fraud’:, I am a little bit offended that you totally missed my contest:

I am in a David and Goliath battle for Kenton County Clerk. The Goliath is three-term Gabrielle (Gabe) Summe (just beginning her 12th year) and me. Ms. Summe has a great name in that her entire family seems connected to politics, she is well-funded and I think she is a very nice person.  We are not hating on each other, we are both civil human beings with different ideas about the focus of the Clerk’s office.  Make no mistake, I would take Summe over a leftist any day.  Primaries are the place to vet ideas and candidates.  What you and incumbents might see as discord is Constitutional Republicanism at work; it looks foreign to us because we haven’t seen it in USA for 100 years.  The challenge puts the incumbents on notice for the better of the citizens and it helps them understand that their role is TEMPORARY (goes for me, if I win!).

I am a newcomer. I am from Northern-KY.. grew up in Newport (where politics were VERY dirty), left to serve in 82nd Airborne Division and after a parachuting accident was reassigned to 1st Psychological Operations (I understand dirty tricks in a deep, deep way).  After leaving the Army, I attended NKU where I received a bachelor’s degree in marketing with a focus on Honors.  I became a technical recruiter and technical manager early in my career and learned a huge amount about Information Technology.  After ~15 years, I redefined myself as a Project Manager and managed multi-million-dollar projects for some big companies. I became an expert in Agile ways of working completed executive level coursework at MIT Sloan School of Management.  Those skills make my sling… My smooth stones are about my “one-term” focus, Election Integrity.

The first stone: Why would Kenton County take $586K from a Mark Zuckerberg funded organization? The organization is led by an Obama appointee, Tiana Epps-Johnson, is called the Center for Tech and Civic Life. Private funding of elections doesn’t seem like a good idea to me, yet that’s what we got in 2020 (Follow the money in SWINGS states).  Answering that question will cause some pain for all involved (and for Ms Berry, I have 347 pages to prove that is NOT a conspiracy theory).

The second stone: the focus of our current county clerk seems to be optimizing elections based on her office’s ‘ease’ rather than fairness,accuracy or transparency or convenience of the electorate. Clerk Summe doubled down on machines when she replaced Hart machines with ES&S machines… but she doesn’t realize their software and the imaging recognition systems are nearly the same. Both are completely hackable. We have so many attorneys in office and what we need are good businesspeople with technology skills. E.g., Dr. Douglas Frank recently visited Northern KY and asserted that our entire county’s elections were manipulated. It would be VERY easy to disprove a statement like that… by simply supporting Forensic Audits. Guess who is BLOCKING is the Forensic Audits… the incumbents. What’s worse is the media just accepts what they say and doesn’t ask follow-up questions which would reveal facts; we need a REBEL media, not a gullible media… as well as opposition candidates. 

[Before I forget… It’s an ignorant statement to repeat “The machines are not connected to the internet.” For a person with very basic technology skills, the internet doesn’t matter. Your cellphone isn’t always connected to the internet, but it works… because the cellular network is different than the internet (it is capable of tracking you even when it’s off), as is a Very Private Network; hackers can write code to peel votes off one candidate and add them to the next… based on the percent of actual votes recorded.  I could write the pseudo-code myself.  THE ONLY SAFE WAY TO VOTE IS WITH PAPER BALLOTS (pull the plug on the machines) and counting the ballots by hand whilst video recording EVERY SINGLE PERSON (Trust, but Verify!)]  Now that rock should make a dent!

My third stone: Kenton County Clerk Summe has had 12 years to build and lobby Frankfort for accurate, auditable, fair and transparent elections. Yet today, our registration rolls are irrationally inflated by at least 10%…possibly by as much as 50% (142,154 people registered, but only 130K person 18 and over in the county AND the US Census bureau says it should be about 68% of eligible population).

She supports mail-in voting, multi-day voting and allows people to vote who are not registered properly. I found dozens of people with registration dates after the Oct 5, 2020 deadline. This was published in the official data from the Secretary of State (incumbent is a member of that Swamp), she allows duplicate registrations (I found 400+), she allows dead people to vote (I chose the 100+ group to sample and found 8 out of 34 voters 100 and over had obituaries on the internet). And, she has set up Voting Centers throughout the county which on the surface seems optimal, but imagine you are a 68 year old living in the Panorama Apartments on 4th street (you have to be over 62 to apply there) and have to figure out how to get to 20 W 18th Street or the Court House on 12 Street and about 6 blocks west (what happens if it rains?). I think she does this to make sure we reduce the need for humans and REQUIRE the use of voting machines or she is out of touch (Call the Democrat Mayor of Covington and ask him his view on this?). In Jefferson County, our largest county, people still vote in their neighborhoods AND there are a few Voting Centers scattered about to make it even easier rather than harder to vote.  Goliath staggers and falls…I hope!

Finally, this is the compelling reason to CHALLENGE every incumbent. Our incumbents FREQUENTLY behave as if they are KINGS and QUEENS and we are the peasants.  They need to learn that issues change…that constituencies are watching… that WE THE PEOPLE do give a damn. Trust me… I don’t want to be a politician, but I MUST STEP UP TO SERVE for the next 4 years (same as Jess, Steve, Chet, Maryann, Jerry, Adrienne, Mirna, Tony, et al).  My county’s $100 Million dollar budget got that way because our generations stopped learning about representative government and watching the empire builders. Now, we have the task of getting those builders out!  This is just the beginning of a movement and the media is missing the point.  The incumbents are experiencing the shock and awe!

Danny Whitacre

Candidate for the Republican nominee for Kenton County Clerk

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The deeper I go, the more troubled I become.

I am running to make changes to this condition in our county.  There is NO WAY that I win the nomination and get to the truth without your help.  I need help in three ways:

  1. Pray for my protection
  2. Get involved in my campaign
  3. Donate your money… if you want to see change.