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This is a mocked up Kentucky license plate. At the top is the name of the state and this campaign's motto, "Trust, but Verify." "Whitacre" is emblazoned across the middle and under the name is "For Kenton County Clerk."

Danny Whitacre seeks the Republican's nomination for Kenton County Clerk

Primary Election: May 17th Your Vote is YOUR Voice

Like most Americans, I just assumed our Elections are fairly and accurately executed... and I thought the results actually reflect the will of the people. 

My motivation for jumping into the fire?​

Today, I am NOT convinced Elections are FAIR or ACCURATE. And, the County Clerk is the Chairperson of the Kenton County "Board of Elections."

The Chair of the Board of Elections must insist on accuracy! If there is ONE illegal vote, YOUR vote could be cancelled out and then you are disenfranchised! If there is a close race, we must have absolutely accurate registration rolls AND accurate counts, and even then, we need to conduct a rigorous audit (to capture the things we did well and those we need to improve upon).

I am not convinced we have accurate registration rolls, accurate vote counts, AND I KNOW WE LACK TRANSPARENCY in our elections (I was blocked from looking at public records). AFTER 12 years, the state of our elections is as bad as it was when the current Clerk started her job 12 years ago!

If we, THE PEOPLE, don’t like what’s going on, we usually wait patiently, then go out to the polls and make changes in our representatives: local, state and federal.  BUT, what do you do WHEN a desperate group of people stop being honorable and start conspiring to alter the results of elections?  YOU LOSE YOUR VOICE; they disenfranchise us in order to gain power over us.  I believe it is PLAUSIBLE that our county’s (Kenton County) most recent election saw fraud.  In fact, I now wonder how long have our elections been corrupt?  How long have our local leaders stood by and just watched?

I was astounded to see ‘report after report’ alleging our county (KENTON COUNTY) was among the most corrupt counties (Highly Fraudulent election results) in the USA during the November 2020 General Election.  One expert looked at data and indicated our county had 10,000 extra votes for Biden.  Another indicated the fraud was so obvious that the results can be like seeing a pro baseball player batting 600 throughout the season.  For non-baseball fans, a great batter hits at an average of about 333; for every 1000 plate appearances he get a hit 333 times.  600 is not believable.  Getting a hit 60% of the time is nearly double the historic percentages for good hitters in Major League Baseball.  Remember there are 9 players on the opposite team doing all they can to get the batter out.

I was a little suspicious when our ProLife state elected a Democrat as it’s governor by ~5,000 votes in 2018.  When the numbers are not close it seems the FRAUD may not have huge impact, but when elections are close, EVERY SINGLE VOTE matters.

Data suggests RED colored counties were highly fraudulent

As a Certified Project Management Professional (I have been a consultant for some big companies), I decided to take a look at those allegations. Initially, I was going to write about my findings and just learn.  I reached out to the current county clerk who is the Chairperson of the Kenton County Board of Elections.  I had several nice introductory conversations.  But, when I filed an Open Records Request, I was  DENIED access to records.  Here’s something that troubles me… Why are jurisdictions required to maintain archives for 22 months, if NO ONE can look at them?  If I had an endless supply of cash, I would have fought that decision; but, like most of you, I don’t have an endless supply of cash to throw around… I just dug a little deeper.

Truthfully, that denial irritated me!  I cannot believe Open Records are NOT open at all.  In my request, I offered multiple alternatives to get a look at a smaller sample of data, but our clerk did not help at all.  Naively, I thought she might be interested in VALIDATING the Election Results when national figures are going public with claims that our county is corrupt.  Today, I feel that she is more interested in maintaining her hold on POWER than being certain of the truth.  If I was in her role, I would do all in my power to continuously improve; key to improvement is transparency and inspection.

I am not one to quit.

I began investigating further.  I have read hundreds and hundreds of articles on Election Integrity, Forensic Audits, methods for spotting fraud.  I found out that one of our community members has deep knowledge of the topic:

Fellow Kenton Countian, Mark Steffen, from Edgewood, KY wrote a book in 2012 (revised in 2021) which lays out a plausible playbook for those who set their sites on STEALING an ELECTION. This should be required reading for every concerned citizen.

I also read stories about a so-called NON-PARTISAN organization dedicated to get out the vote:  The Center for Tech and Civic Life.  That organization wrote a check of $574,000 for our county.  Free money from a leftists, these are known as Zucker-bucks and the  organization led by a member of Obama’s inner circle. That does not sit well with me.

Irritating me even more is that the Election methods modified under the cover of the COVID-19 pandemic (was it ILLEGAL?) was rushed to the legislature after the election and is NOW law. All this BEFORE anyone in our state conducted any significant level of INSPECTION of the those methods. Taking credit for that rushed legislation is our current County Clerk.

The deeper I go, the more troubled I become.

I am running to make changes to this condition in our county.  There is NO WAY that I win the nomination and get to the truth without your help.  I need help in three ways:

  1. Pray for my protection
  2. Get involved in my campaign
  3. Donate your money… if you want to see change.