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My fear is that our country is slipping away... town by town, city by city, and county by county; and, there is not enough time to wait and hope that some shining knight will come along to do something about that slide. It's time to get off the bench and get into the battle for our society.

This bubble says, "Audit Kenton County!"

The easiest way to contribute is by mailing a check to the following:

Danny Whitacre Campaign for Election Integrity
16 W Crittenden Ave
Fort Wright, KY 41011

I pledge my time, my talent and my treasure to take a stand for Election Integrity and the restoration of Liberty throughout our land. Please join my Campaign by donating some of your treasure to secure the win that will put us in position to make a difference.  I need donations for signs, mailers, social media ads, and more. 

But, please don’t forget the importance of prayers that the Lord will guide us, protect us and send more boots on the ground!

Required, if applicable, by Kentucky Election Finance
This is required by Kentucky Election Finance.
This is required by Kentucky Election Finance
Kentucky Election Finance rules limit the amount of an individual contribution to $2,000 per individual.