I would honored to be your next Kenton County Clerk

In the midst of the chaos about counting votes in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and others, I was TOTALLY BLOW AWAY to learn that my county, Kenton County, is listed as a location that saw HIGHLY FRAUDULENT results in the 2020 General Election.  I read the reports and really attempted to understand the math (it’s really not rocket science).  Then, I attempted to look at the records.  I was denied access by our current county clerk.  I wondered, “Why is there a federal election law that requires states to maintain federal election data for 22 months, IF you cannot see the data?”  If I made one discovery, it is this:  Elections are NOT “transparent” at least not in my county!

I think Election Integrity is a critical key to living in a non-violent Democratic Republic.  Registering voters, verifying their identity at polls, creating a transparent method for counting votes is vital to our society.  Rooting out fraud, if it exists, is the single most important issue for our political party; there is no point in having a party if we rely on a Close Approximation of the will of the people… what happens when things are close like in the last Presidential Election?  Don’t you think we should be confident in our elections.  Well, I am not confident at all. 

I need a small Army to find out!  This is NOT about me; I jumped into the ring for you.  If you want to understand why elections systems seem broken, join me!


Who is Danny Whitacre

Photograph of Danny Whitacre, candidate for Kenton County Clerk

Registration Rolls are the key input of an election system, and that list (the voter roll) must be clean and verifiable in Real Time (or at least NEAR real time).  Leading up to the November 3rd election, I noticed the Commonwealth’s Secretary of State releasing monthly numbers on the voter roll that was higher than our population of eligible voters. 

I started to dig a little deeper and found out that in order to look at the Registration Rolls for Kenton County, you have to become a candidate for office (that needs to change). By the way, in OHIO, anyone can download every registration roll in the state.  You are not required to be a US Citizen or an Ohio voter AND it’s free.

I just PAID for the registration rolls for Kenton County the other day.  My initial analysis reveals 142,000+ voters…or ~85% of our population.  That seems high to me, BUT even worse…  we have less than 130,000 people in Kenton County eligible to vote.

Even WORSE, those rolls show more than a thousand people in Kenton County voted in November 2020 who, according to the Secretary of State’s data, were not registered to vote until AFTER November 3rd, 2020.

When I tried to find out why, of course, the County Clerk shut me out!

While my focus will be on Election Integrity, I will faithfully fulfill ALL the duties of the Clerk:

  • Elections (from effective management of registration and execution of final audit)
  • Real Estate
  • Board of Assessment Appeals
  • Delinquent Property Tax
  • Motor Vehicles (Cars, Trucks, Boats, et al)
  • Marriage Licenses
  • Vending/Business License
  • Vital Records and Genealogy
  • Notary Public

I will bring 40 years of experience to the Clerk's office. I will lead the modernization effort to improve services, reduce costs, and provide a new level of transparency in the County Clerk's office.

The following list offers a snapshot of my background:

  • US Army Veteran – 82nd Airborne & 1st Psychological Operations (Service Connected Disability)
  • BS in Marketing with concentration in Honors Education from NKU
  • Certified Personnel Consultant – Lifetime credential National Association of Personnel Services
  • Certified Financial Consultant
  • Master of Design Thinking (Executive Certificate) – MIT Sloan School of Management
  • Project Management Professional – Certification from Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • Certified Scrum Master – Scrum Alliance
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner – Scrum Alliance
  • Agile Certified Practitioner – PMI (former Director of Agile training for PMI Southwest Ohio Chapter)
  • Scaled Agilist – SA (Scaled Agile Framework)
  • Disciplined Agilist – PMI
  • Discipline Agile Scrum Master – PMI
  • Lean Startup (trainer and practitioner)
  • Managing Partner – Dan Whitacre Consultants LLC, the Startup Factory