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Danny Whitacre seeks the Republican nomination for

Kenton County Clerk

Primary Election: May 17th, 2022

Your vote is your voice

This is a mocked up Kentucky license plate. At the top is the name of the state and this campaign's motto, "Trust, but Verify." "Whitacre" is emblazoned across the middle and under the name is "For Kenton County Clerk."

My motivation for jumping into the fire?

Firstly, I am a veteran of the US Armed Forces (US Army - 82nd Airborne Div & 1st PsyOps). 

I care, deeply, about our unalienable rights given by God and codified in the US Constitution to constrain governments attempts to strip us of those rights. I am deeply troubled by so-called leaders (Foreign and Domestic) in government and business who have no problems trampling on our rights.

Since 1791, we have enjoyed the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition, the latter two allowing the right to “petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

If our Elections are not 100% accurate, WE THE PEOPLE lose the right to FIRE and HIRE our representatives.

Like most Americans, I just assumed that our Elections accurately reflect the will of the people. I believed our vote is our voice to redress grievances. Today, I am NOT convinced elections are FAIR. I believe it is PLAUSIBLE that our county's most recent election saw systemic fraud and Zuckerbucks successfully bought the mechanisms to overthrow a duly elected leader and install a puppet. I now wonder how long have elections been corrupt!

The more I look - the more troubled I become. Election problems are NOT a new phenomenon and the current Kenton County Clerk has had 12 years to address Election issues.

On the website for the country clerk, which looks a Campaign site to me, our clerk claims to provide "Unbridled Attention to Detail," but is that a good thing? When it comes to 'attention to detail' you want bridled attention. You want to start at the beginning and work your way to the end in a highly disciplined manner. I don't want my accountant to provide unbridled attention to detail. I want some systemic way to avoid missing something. Approaching any problem in an "unrestrained" or "uncontrolled" manner... which is what "unbridled" means seems like a prescription for trouble. Try riding an unbridled horse. Having an unbridled spirit is good, but we don't want "unbridled" attention to detail...or unbridled attention to elections. Elections are the key to a Constitutional Republic.

Unbridled definition

Maybe that's why we have 8 out of 34 persons 100+ years old voting in the November 2020 and having obituaries before election day. One of those persons has an obituary dating back to 2011.

Maybe that's why we have dozens of duplicate voters on our registration list of voters. I mean there are very unique names (not names like Smith on Jones), matching first and last names and having the same birth year, but a different voter ID. They are obvious matches.

Maybe that's why we have thousands of people simultaneously registered in other states and in our county.

Maybe that's why 14,136 persons on our voter registration rolls who have completed the permanent address change with the USPS, moving out of the county, but the current clerk leaves those folks on rolls.

Maybe that's why our clerk has gravitated to voting in "Voting Centers" rather than voting "IN" precincts in which you reside as required in KRS 119.165: Voters are required to vote "IN" the precincts in which they reside.

Maybe that's why she is committed to Election Machines and multiple days of voting.

Nominate me and I will clean up the mess. I am all about simple solutions like using paper ballots, hand counts (no need for machines), and a single election day. And, I will throw in the most transparent County Clerk office in the county.

Nominate me on May 17th and I will produce fair and accurate election results!

I am running to push changes in my county, and my hope is the ripple effect hits my state AND our country.

There is NO WAY I can win the nomination and get to the truth without your help. I need help in three ways:


  1. Pray for me (this is tough work!)
  2. Get involved in my campaign
  3. INVEST in a better future if you want to see change.